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Green Keratin

Rosafo ™ C gorgeous oil pill

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Soften, nourish and whiten skin with this beautiful oil elixir.

A major naturally developed formula containing organic cynorhodon oil and organic cynorhodon extract rich in Omega, as well as sensational vitamin C esters and exciting dames Otto rose oil.

This soft, fast absorbing oil can easily penetrate into the skin, leaving a shiny, healthy skin.

95.92% organic, made in London, guaranteed humane, suitable for vegetarians and vegetarians, 30 day guarantee or refund.

For skin:

Irregular skin tone, freckles and lack of clarity.

30 ml

Our main ingredients:

Organic cynorhodon oil and Organic cynorhodon CO2 fruit extract Rich in Omega

✔Very stable, soluble in oil Vitamin C ester (tetrahexyl ascorbate)

✔Give it a silky texture: Ecological silk (100% biodegradable sugar and coconut)

✔Rich in beta carotene, protect skin: Organic seabuckthorn fruit oil

✔Beautiful nourishment and protection of skin: Damas Otto rose oil


Guarantee no:



-Mineral oil

-Synthetic dyes

-Sodium dodecyl sulfate



-Animal derived ingredients

-Genetically modified organisms


Complete list of ingredients:

Rose seed oil * (rose seed oil), tetrahexyl dodecyl ascorbic acid (vitamin C ester), isoamyl laurate, seabuckthorn fruit oil * (seabuckthorn fruit oil), dog rose fruit extract (Rose carbon dioxide fruit extract), coconut isoamyl ester, Damascus rose oil (Damascus Rose Otto flower oil), sunflower seed oil * (sunflower oil), Rosemary leaf extract.

*Organic composition (95.92%)

**Essential oil ingredients listed


application program

Apply 1-2 drops to previously cleaned skin and massage gently.

Use sooner or later

Watch out! Watch out!

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from the sun.

Use within 6 months after opening

Product packaging may change.