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Green Keratin

#RTN CAP (Nano Retinol Encapsulated) Original Face Night Serum, 100mL

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This powerful retinol serum promotes the regeneration of the skin thanks to the concentrated encapsulated retinol nano for optimal results with a risk of minimal irritation.

Retinol is highly recognized as a very effective vitamin for anti-aging treatment because of its ability to stimulate collagen production, accelerate cell reproduction and normalizing skin keratinization. Its regular application considerably improves the elasticity, softness and grain of the skin, making it younger, clearer and healthier.

Nevertheless, retinol is very sensitive to oxidation, degradation in the air, sunlight, acidic conditions and heavy metals, resulting in a decrease in efficiency and discoloration of the formula.

NV Retinol is an active ingredient encapsulated in lipid particles with a diameter greater than 200 nm. The encapsulated active ingredient is completely stable and, after penetration into the skin, oxidizes and becomes a retinoic acid, ensuring more extraordinary results.

This technologically advanced combination of retinol complex and encapsulated ceramide and new GKHUG10 ™ ️ (Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer) Encourages the cutaneous regeneration process with first-rate efficiency.

It improves the complexion and texture of the skin, aid for collagen production and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to create a bright complexion of youth and healthy appearance.

Studies show that the Centella Asiatica It is not only a mode, it has advantages for the skin, thanks to its active compounds, including the Madecassoside, which serves as an antioxidant.

A dose ofAzulene Minimizes redness and irritation and mitigates the effects of retinol.

GKHUG10 ™ ️ (Sodium hyaluronate polymer): Excellent hydration capacities. It is also a damulatory radical evacuator. Hyaluronic acid crosslinked, inspired by dermatologists.

GKL40 ™ - is an exclusive mixture of self-emulsifying fluid silicones. Emolliente; The solution brings to dry dry skin and concealment of wrinkles.

The GKL42 ™ ceramide complex is a multi-lamellar formula composed of vegetable derivatives, semi-synthetic ceramides, cholesterol, acid without bold and
Phyto-Sphingosine. Identical to lipids found in the skin, the
complex has been concentrated and formulated in a structure studied to improve
Hydration and protection of the skin. The ceramide complex restores the
Protective epidermal barrier and offers a mixture of skin lipids
Improved. Specially developed for dry, mature and sensitive skin.

Skin type: mixed, dry, normal.
Skin problems: Wrinkles and fine lines, skin texture irregularities, irregular complexion.
Skin care by age: 30 years, 40 years old, 50 years old and over

For the complete list of ingredients, user manual and maintenance and security tips, please see images 4 and 5.